About me

Hi! I’m Nicolas Manaud. I’m a freelance Digital Product and User Experience designer based in Toulouse, France.

With a background in Astrophysics, Planetology and Space Science Engineering, I have worked over a decade as a scientific software developer and data analyst in support to ESA’s Solar System missions; science operations planning, data processing and archiving activities, always in close interaction with the scientific community.

It allowed me to gain strong skills and knowledge of geometry analysis and mapping of remote sensing imagery data, data archiving and distribution systems; including Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and open geospatial standards for planetary science.

During the last years, I developed an obsessive interest for designing effective and enjoyable data user interfaces and experiences, which I believe are keys for improving the exploitation of existing scientific archives; and more generally for communicating science and educating a wider audience.

Last year, I decided to take the leap and quit my job and comfort zone to study UX design intensively for three months at General Assembly, London. Since then I have been freelancing and offering my services through my company SpaceFrog Design.

In the meantime, I have also co-founded and currently managing OpenPlanetary, an online community and framework for scientists, engineers, and designers to share ideas and collaborate on common planetary research and data analysis problems, new challenges, and opportunities.

I truly believe open data and design can have a positive impact on people and society !

Want to work together? Great! Drop me a line...

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