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Hi! I’m Nicolas Manaud – A freelance Digital Product and User Experience designer with a background in Astrophysics and Space Science Engineering. Mapmaker and true believer of data for the common good, I follow my passion for designing meaningful and delightful data experiences that aim to make a positive impact on people and society. 


Whether you’re building apps, websites, wearables, or any kind of digital experience, I help you design products that users love, while meeting your business goals.

Information Architecture

Organizing information to make it easy and intuitive for your users to find, understand and manage content.

Interaction Design

Identifying the path your users should take, and the most simple, useful actions that will send them along that path.

Visual Design

Enhancing usability and user experience through use of consistent imagery, color, shapes, typography.

I work in collaboration with agile product teams following a user-centred and data-informed design process that includes a research phase and an iterative design phase.



1. Discover

I research to identify and understand the needs of the users in relation to the market; using quantitative and qualitative methods like Interviews, Task Analysis, Surveys, Competitive Analysis.

2. Define

I limit and define a clear problem to be solved using methods like Personas, User Scenarios, User Journey or Feature Prioritisation.


3. Develop

I explore and refine possible solutions through multiple iterations of prototyping and user testing; using methods like Design Studio, Wireframing, Site Map, or User Flows.

4. Deliver

I deliver a proposed solution through high-fidelity or coded prototypes, presentations and specification documents.



SnapPlanet, a Toulouse-based startup, is developing the first mobile app for everyone to create and share pictures of the Earth from space. I’ve been helping SnapPlanet’s founder to design the value proposition and user experience of the future app: from conducting user research, setting up a collaborative design framework; to prototyping and testing the onboarding process, and designing the company brand identity.

April 2017 (ongoing)


Through a recent grant agreement and partnership between SpaceFrog Design and CARTO, I’m leading OpenPlanetaryMap, a collaborative project to build the first Open Planetary Mapping and Social platform for planetary researchers and mappers, space enthusiasts and students, educators and storytellers. The goal is to enable people to easily and collaboratively create and share location-based knowledge and maps of others planets of our Solar System.

January 2017 (ongoing)

EUMETSAT Data Viewer

In collaboration with the Imperative Space team, I designed and developed the EUMETSAT Oceans Data Viewer, an interactive map specially created for the Monitoring the Oceans from Space MOOC. Using the viewer you can explore a selection of data relevant to the themes and topics in this course, including some of the latest Copernicus data from Sentinel 3. You can also use the time slider to view previous data. Additional information about the data is also included on the app.

September 2016


BOLDR is a developing AI-powered Coaching app that aims to help entrepreneurs, founders and freelancers stay focused, be bolder and better leaders every day. I was challenged to provide initial directions for the app visual and brand design, as well as to prototype its on-boarding process and main user interactions. In less than two weeks I managed to deliver a tested high-fidelity prototype, and provided recommendations that the BOLDR team used to move with confidence into the fundraising phase of the project.

May 2016


In a 2-week sprint, I worked in team of four to design the user experience of the on-boarding process and job search of Scout4, a developing app aiming at making the “analogue” construction industry a digital marketplace for job seekers and employers. I implemented and led a Kanban board to organise the work flow and delegate tasks. I was responsible for the interaction and visual design of the high fidelity prototype. Our intensive research and final prototype allowed us to provide strategic recommendations to our client.

April 2016

“Where On Mars?”

I initiated, designed and led the development “Where On Mars?”, an open-source and collaborative outreach project to raise public awareness of the ESA’s ExoMars rover mission through an interactive map of the candidate landing sites. The interface lets you explore Mars and each candidate landing site using a selection of the same ESA and NASA planetary images, and additional geospatial information used by the scientists involved in the selection process. 

September 2015

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